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Hello moms!

Are you already saying that you need to take a break, take a little moment for yourself, change the environment, step out of daily routine and to move a little? Right?
So, you are at the right place!

NEONKA brings you exercise for postpartum women – Fit moms!

Exercise is dedicated to women, who have already gone through puerperium and are ready to start firming their body while losing their weight, shape up and slowly get in best possible shape in life.

This exercise is designed to strengthen all the muscles, mainly those that load mums the most, so the back, abdominal, leg and arm muscles. Everything is strained with baby care, especially when wearing and lifting :) We will warm up body with slight cardio and also stretch out by stretching :)

You can come to Fit moms alone or you can take yourself your kids, who meanwhile will chill out in stroller or on the mat next to mom, or crawling. There is children corner prepared for them. Fit moms can take to exercise older kids as well, who can read a book or paint :)

Exercise will be led by me, Ivanka :) I am an Neonka instructor for 5th year and fit mom of two kids :)
Believe me, movement will benefit your body and soul.

We will exercise, laugh, talk and recharge!

We exercise on Mondays and Thursdays in NEONKA PREMIUM club in OC Optima at 10 AM.
First training is for free.

Before the first exercise you can consult with our physiotherapist who can control diastasis (open abdominal muscles after birth) and find out, if you can start to exercise or it is needed to remove diastasis. We offer 10 % discount for consultation.

To order to physio consultation, call reception NEONKA PREMIUM club: 0911 877 407

Looking forward to see you soon!

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