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    NEONKA o.z., Cottbuská 10, 040 23, Košice-Sídlisko KVP, IČO: 51737582 according §4

    Fitness service offer, group training with possibility of online reservation and credit purchase for purpose of admission membership fee for provided exercises in particular time range, time and place designated by the operator.

    Only natural person using the website for purpose of reservation to particular exercise according to the valid schedule published at in the Schedule section. Also, person purchasing the credits through the GoPay Online Payment Gateway for purpose of admission membership fee for particular exercise. At the same time this person registered at the website, whereby agrees with the terms and conditions. Client signs up for training in person or through online reservation system at the website

    Registration at is for free. To sing up for training, registration is required. Every training has limited client capacity, that is published in advance in schedule at the website in Schedule section.

    Every training has in the schedule a price for it is possible to sing in. Client pays in the form of credits, which client buys in person in fitness centre of operator, through the GoPay Online Payment Gateway or client gains them in loyalty program by collecting bonus points and sequentially converting points to credits. Conditions and conversion of bonus points for credits can be changed and it´s actual value is presented in profile of signed client in Bonus point section. Credit purchasing is advantaged by graded offer, that can be changed. Actual advantage of credit purchase is presented in profile of signed client in Credit section. Credit is withdrawn from account of signed client in time, when is signed up to given training in the amount stated at the price of the given training. Fees for different trainings may vary according to the type and date of training. Credit is valid for 90 days since the last visited exercise or last credit recharging.

    Due to the nature of signing up for the trainings and limited capacity of operator´s fitness centre is signing off the training possible, but at the same time may be penalized depending on the time and how much time remains from the signing off to the beginning of training. Graded penalties may change and its current value is specified in Terms of Use at the bottom side of website The penalty amount is withdraw by returning lower amount of credit on the account of signed client for the given training, that was withdraw in time of signing up for the training.

    Healthy risks and all other risks related to the damage of client´s property, his personal belongings, clothing and any other healthy or property damage is the responsibility of client. During the training is operator obligated to ensure hygienic standards and all other safety requirements according to the valid legislation of Slovak Republic related to the fitness centre operation. Operator accepts no responsibility or liability for damages caused by unexpected event, natural disaster, disregarding of instructions before entering the fitness centre or moving outside of areas designated to exercise in the given time client was signed up for the training.

    Returning of the credit, that was withdraw to the client by unauthorized or system failure is possible after the mutual agreement with operator of fitness centre.

    Cancel of registration:
    Client has the right to cancel the registration on website Cancellation will be provided by operator after receiving the request from the client. Request might by delivered by oral call in person in operator´s fitness centre, written on valid operator´s address, by phone or by email according to the valid contact information presented on website in Contact section.

    Final provisions:
    The terms and conditions of this version may change over time. The terms and conditions come into effect from the publication date or later according to the stated validity date in the test itself. In terms and condition is stated publication date and validity day. By registration and service using, client acknowledges, that he forthwith agrees with stated terms and conditions and that he made that decision by himself, without any coercion or help of another person.

    In Košice on 15th of August 2015
    Valid from: 15th of September 2015

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