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    Morning exercise

    Nowadays it can be difficult to find enough time for regular exercise and enough movement, that is in today’s digital age almost necessity for balanced and satisfied life. Maybe also YOU have hard to plan days full of unexpected twists, meetings and problems needed to be solved here and now. NEONKA brings you 7 reasons why is better to exercise in the morning.

    7 reasons to exercise in the morning

    1. Excuse not to go to exercise again is easier to find after stressful day full of duties. It has been proven, that regular morning exercise helps to handle stressful situations better.
    2. Morning exercise leads to effective calorie burning and starts metabolism, what leads to effective calorie burning even during the day.
    3. Pump your body with endorphins immediately in the morning and live happier day.
    4. Regular morning exercise will help you increase concentration, improve ability to solve the problem and you can use your day more effectively.
    5. Morning exercise will kick you to healthier lifestyle. When you start your day so nicely, you won´t spoil it with night eating.
    6. Morning sport routine will help you to use your day better. You don´t have to think all day that there is still training you wait for. Maybe there are some free afternoon in sight ...
    7. People who exercise regularly in the morning have better night sleep.
    In NEONKA you can exercise during all day. Morning, lunch and evening.

    Maybe exactly for you are morning trainings better, just you don´t know about it yet. If you haven´t tried it, we are waiting for you in NEONKA from 6:30 AM.

    Looking forward to see you soon!
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