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    SM System

    NEONKA includes to service offer SM System exercise, popular and very effective exercise for healthy back, that relieve the pain and supports natural back regeneration.

    What is SM system?

    SM system is simple and effective exercise with your own body and expansion rubber. SM system helps person to strengthen those muscle chains, that extremely tighten the muscle corset and relieve mechanical pressure of the plates on nervous system, thereby relieving the pain. It is suitable for all ages and most of spine conditions.

    What is the focus of SM System?

    Elements used in individual exercises

    SM system is comprehensive therapeutic exercise that eliminates cause of disc diseases. It restores a person´s ability of spiral stabilization when moving, muscle balance and proper body alignment.

    You can find SM System in schedule in NEONKA OC Cassovia (can not use MultiSport card) and NEONKA OC Torysa (You can use your MultiSport CARD) from 24th of october 2019.

    Special DISCOUNT! If you buy 10 SM System trainings at once, you will get them for a great price of 55 euros.
    One training costs 6 euros. Exercise is led by our physiotherapist.
    You need to take at least 5 beginners exercises to get to advanced group.

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